SIXTY things you can do in self-isolation because of CORONAVIRUS

Hi lovelies! It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to write a blog post, but with COVID-19 meaning I’m pretty much stuck in the flat, I thought this would be perfect time to pick up my laptop and create new content, and remember why I used to love blogging so much.

I know its a really difficult and surreal time we’re living through right now. My work closed yesterday, so I’m in my flat on my own, not doing a great deal at all. Although were not in a full lock-down situation, with some restaurants and bars and shops still open, I’m still trying my best to socially distance myself from others and not travel unnecessarily. I’m a really social person, and in general, prefer to be out of the house and keeping busy – so I’m really struggling with what to do with myself now! I voiced this over on Insta stories and you lovely lot came up with some fab ideas, so I thought I’d jot them all down in a blog post which we can all refer to if we’re feeling at a loose end or unsure what to do.

  1. Tidy / clean the house (lots of people mentioned to start with this one as its then a nicer place to live in!)
  2. Read a book/s
  3. Watch a new, or finish an old TV series
  4. Practice yoga
  5. FaceTime with family and friends
  6. Home work outs
  7. Gardening for some fresh air (if you have a garden unlike me in my little flat)
  8. Board games / cards
  9. Learn a new language (theres so many apps you can do this on)
  10. De-clutter your wardrobe
  11. Wash make up brushes
  12. Learn to cook a new dish
  13. Paint, draw or colour in
  14. Learn a new craft or learn about a topic you know nothing about
  15. Play Xbox  / Online games
  16. Write in a diary (quarantine diaries might be interesting to read in the future?)
  17. Re-decorate the house
  18. Online courses to learn something you don’t already know about
  19. Pamper yourself! (Face mask, hair mask, exfoliate, bath etc)
  20. Listen to podcasts
  21. Go for a walk (providing not in full lock-down situ)
  22. Meditiate
  23. Have a movie evening (don’t just whack the TV on, get some popcorn, a duvet, fairy lights!)
  24. Bake cakes and cookies
  25. De-clutter your social media
  26. Puzzles
  27. Research volunteering opportunities in your area
  28. Create a playlist on Spotify
  29. Email friends and family – especially people you haven’t spoken to for a while!
  30. Sex
  31. Sort out the drawers in your house that you shove everything in to
  32. Update your CV
  33. Film TikToks (probably the most suggested response on Instagram)
  34. Watch Youtube
  35. Make your own face masks
  36. Make a savings plan
  37. Fake tan
  38. Download games on your phone
  39. Spend time planning the following day – what do you want to achieve tomorrow?
  40. Go through old family photos
  41. Scrapbook
  42. Learn sign language
  43. Stretch and practice flexibility. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to do a headstand by the time you’re out of quarantine?
  44. Have a date night in your house (providing your self-isolating with your OH, if not FaceTime date night!)
  45. Write a letter
  46. Take virtual tours of place on Google
  47. Handwash all your clothes that you keep putting off hand washing
  48. Grow veg
  49. Plan a holiday you’re going to take when this is all over
  50. Learn a dance routine
  51. Make a to-do list, it’s something to-do in itself
  52. Start a blog
  53. Do the DIY you keep putting off
  54. Crosswords, sudoku and wordsearches
  55. Make a bucket list
  56. Learn to play an instrument
  57. Do a DEEP clean of your home
  58. Start a gratitude journal or a sleep diary
  59. Get ahead with anything that would benefit your job/career
  60. Watch my youtube channel? (shameless, I couldn’t think of a 60 and it had to be an even number right?)

And there we have it, a very exhaustive list of 60 things you can do while being in self-isolation. There is probably a million more things that you could get done, but if you’re really struggling I hope that this helps even if it’s just one small idea! I know that times are really difficult at the moment, but make sure you stay safe and as positive as possible! Lets try and think about all the amazing things we are able to get done and better ourselves as people whilst we’re in self-isolation!

If you’re bored don’t forget you can message me anytime for a chat or a FaceTime!! Take care & stay safe! x

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