Winter Handbag Essential | Grether’s Pastilles*

grethers pastilles

I absolutely love that it’s finally started to get colder, I’m so ready for the winter months. Give me hot chocolate, movie nights with blankets, bonfires and fireworks. The one thing I don’t like? Getting ill. I’ve always had a bit of a pathetic immune system, so whenever anyone close to me is ill, the next day I will inevitably be ill. For winter I’m […]

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Apps Every Blogger Needs! | Editing & Scheduling

apps every blogger needs

Good morning! I’ve got another little blogging-themed blog post for you today – it’s all about my all-time faveourite apps for editing photos and scheduling posts! It’s mainly blogger themed, however some of these apps are definitely good for anyone who just loves a good editor or wants to try something new! All the apps I’ll be talking about will be completely free to download […]

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5 WAYS | To Improve Body Confidence

body positivity

From time to time I think we all struggle with body confidence. I’ve particularly noticed how dramatically my confidence has changed since my skin started breaking out badly. So, I wanted to spread a little bit of self-love and positivity. So, here we are, 5 ways to improve your body confidence. 1) Look after yourself. We all know that you feel better when you look […]

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Janna Skincare Face Mask | Testing & Review.


Hello again! I have a little beauty review for you today, all about Janna, a skincare brand who kindly sent me a few of their sheet masks from their Janna Collection to try out & test! If you didn’t already know I’m having quite a lot of trouble with my skin at the moment, and when I say quite a lot, I mean I’m having […]

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My Top 3 Mascaras for Length & Volume

Hi again everyone! So the other day on instagram stories I spoke about my three favourite mascaras and quite a few of you messaged me asking for a bit more info so I though why not make a little mini-post about it. I often get asked what mascara I use, so hopefully this can clear it up, to what I probably, definitely, have on my […]

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University Q&A!

uni q&a post

Okay… so a very over due post… I originally planned to do this university Q&A over on YouTube but I’m having a few issues with that at the moment and kinda wanted to get this content out already so it comes to you in blog post format! I’m hoping to get back into YouTube next month but for now sorting out all the issues with […]

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PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System | My Experience

pmd kiss

I’ve recently been trying out PMD’s ‘Kiss Lip Plumping System’, Although my lips are fairly full, I absolutely love the look of full lips, however would never want to get lip fillers as i’m so much of a baby when it comes to pain and needles – so I was so excited to try out PMD’s Kiss and see if it actually worked and gave me […]

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