HOME EDIT | Homeware Lust List

Oooh, what this we have here – a new post idea for my blog? Indeed. Homeware lust list. I’m obsessed with interior design, decor and homeware, and since finally moving out into our own flat I’ve managed to start getting my own furniture and create my own space. However, when we first moved in we were on such a tight budget because of the move […]

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7 Ways | To Be Productive as F*CK

productive post carried---away

I am the laziest person ever. I could lay in bed until 6pm, and then go back to bed after dinner at 8pm. I can procrastinate for an entire day. This really isn’t great because it means nothing ever gets done. Since I moved out I’ve really tried to make my days a little bit more productive (basically grow up a little bit & start […]

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